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Vector Infector


Author: Oddbob
The Game: Vector styled blasting action with an audio twist
Features: 50 rooms of blasting mayhem, wierd noises, squares, circles
Does not feature: magazines, scissors, Beirut, dinosaurs.

RELEASE DATE: late 2005/early 2006

Vector Infector is an old skool homage to classic shooters such as the Jarvis classic Robotron. Crazy shooting, insane effects and sound effects straight out of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop will keep you hooked for hours.

Release Date: late 2005/early 2006

This is the exciting section where you get to sample our wares. All our PC games come in finest zip format, for which you'll need something like Winzip to unzip them onto your computer. We don't like installers considering our games don't spread anything around your hard drive and just like to sit nicely on your computer without interrupting anything, so they'll run straight out of the box so as to speak. Enjoy.

Vector Infector will be released for PC only and uses a corking amount of effects so you'll need a reasonable enough computer to run the thing!


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